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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Welcome Family & Friends!

It has come to my attention that Pop liked my post concerning Uncle Ben's wonderful recovery so much that he wanted to share it. So, welcome!

Somehow, I felt that I should take a minute and explain a bit of what this little blog is all about.

This is just a place where I can talk back to Oprah, or poke some good natured fun at my hubby, tell fun stories about the girls, comment on things that make me roll my eyes, try to get a giggle going, post a yummy recipe, occasionally get a good rant out, and put down in words, memories that I want to keep. That's about it.

It's become a comfy place for me, affords me the chance to write everyday and I hope that you feel welcome here as well...

Feel free to comment, if you find yourself so inclined. And I post a daily Brain Bender (from my handy dandy discount MENSA calendar) if you'd like to play. Like I said, welcome. And Happy Sunday!