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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Say What??

curve for penis stains

Now I have read about other folks' having interesting searches lead to their blogs. But me? Never. Doesn't happen. Nothing weird. Not in 366 days of blogging.

I get hits for Chicken Tortilla Soup and Powell, Wyoming and Hot Artichoke Dip but that's about it...

No more. Yesterday, I got a yahoo search hit for curve for penis stains and I was lucky number 13 on the search list. (And since thirteen is my lucky number, I guess that makes sense on some level.)

Wow. I have arrived. This is cause for some (admitedly strange) celebration, I think. Great way to start the first day of my next year of blogging, at any rate.

curve for penis stains... It has some sort of ring to it. I'm just not sure exactly what....