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Sunday, March 19, 2006


Whoohoo! Spring!! I just looked at the calendar and it says that Spring starts TOMORROW!

That's great news! I have to get ready!! Whoohoo!! I am going to pack all of our icky winter crap away....

What? Why are you looking at me like that?? See??? It says so right there --> First. Day. Of. Spring. It's right there in black & white, plain as day.

What do you mean I can't take it literally?? Why not? All of the other days on the calendar get taken literally! President's Day, Christmas, Halloween.... Hell, even the stuff *I* write on the calendar gets taken literally. Hello, Birthdays? Appointments?? What's wrong with the First Day of Spring? I'm ready for that day!

Oh, this is bullsh*t. "It just doesn't work that way..." My ass. I want to talk to the manager...

What do you mean it's his day off???

Yes, I've seen the book.... Yes I read that "seventh day" clause. He actually adheres to that schedule?? ::sigh::

Oh honestly. Fine. FINE! But I am calling the manager first thing tomorrow. We need to work this whole First Day of Spring business out....