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Friday, March 24, 2006

Oh, I am soooooo jealous!!!

A good friend of mine is right now, at this moment in Belize!!

Belize, for those who are too lazy to click my wikipedia link, is a tiny Central American country sandwiched between Mexico and Guatemala. It's about the size of Rhode Island with about as many people. There are several unique things about Belize that I was aware of BEFORE I got here.

* It's the only really stable government in Central America (other than Mexico). Democratic government, no revolutions, no guerrilla warfare, etc.
* Almost everyone here speaks English! Not that I would ever go to another country and demand they speak English to me, but damn it makes things like ordering drinks easy.
And he's learned things since he arrived too!

* Belize is home to the most beautiful women on the planet. Now, I have to qualify my statement by saying I haven't been to that many places. But I have seen a lot of women, and there is no question in my mind that they are the hottest. And, yes, I am married to one. And if you've met her, don't let her cool, geneticist exterior fool you. She's a nerd, but she's hot nerd.
* Belizian humidity is FAR kinder to my skin than the dry Wisconsin cold. I left 25 degrees of dry and crackly, and arrived in 88 degrees of moist deliciousness.

He's learned lots more than that. Head on over and feel the warm breeze by proxy. Of course, as I sit here ( right now on the fifth day of SPRING) it's snowing. Grrrrrr.

You know, if I were a lesser person I might be sending an evil vibe or two to my good friend Akshun. But I won't. I'll take the high road.

That's me, right up here, takin' the hiiiigh road... The high, hard, windswept, snowy, freeking cold road. Yup, that's me. $%#^&*!

I'll just hope he tips a beer in my direction and sends some warm thoughts my way. (Oh and give my love to your wife, dude... You're a lucky guy!)