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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Before I get started...

A couple of things. For one, Og the Neanderpundit has decided to form his own religion. And today is his holy day in the Church of God the "What Were You Thinking?!?!?" (I am a congregant, and you should be too.)

Since I can't leave him a comment, (due to "questionable content" ...whatever...) I will take this moment to pray that I *never* resemble "Sylvia in accounting..." (What was she thinking?!?!)
She's wearing those tight pants again, the ones that make her ass look like two raccoons fighting in a condom.

.... Amen.


Okay.... So I only had one thing. Here is today's brain bender:

1) Add an "L" to a word for a vessel that floats to find a word that means "swell."

2) Add an "M" to a word which means "alternate" to find the word for a family member.


Answers to follow in the comments later! I'm off to scrub!

Update (waaaay late): Oddybobo wins today! Whoohoo!