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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Note to self part 2

[text] A woman collapsed in a supermarket when her vibrating panties made her faint with pleasure.
The kinky 33 year old housewife was wearing a pair of battery operated Passion Pants, bought from a sex shop while she did her shopping, according to the British tabloid The Sun. But she got so stimulated by the 6cm vibrating bullet in the panties that she lost consciousness.
She fell and hit her head in the crowded supermarket in Swansea, Wales. When paramedics arrived, they found her black imitation leather knickers still buzzing. They took them off before an ambulance took her to hospital. The woman, whose identity has been kept private, suffered no long lasting ill-effects. And as she left the hospital a paramedic gave her back the Passion Pants in a plastic bag. A spokesperson for the Asda supermarket chain told the Sun: "We like to think shopping with us is exciting enough already."

There's a lesson to be learned here, I think....

Possibly more than one...

h/t L& Dal