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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

You've got to be kidding me.....

(rant to follow -- language alert)

Fuckin' whatever...

Now look. I'm a team player. A big part of *my* job is to make sure that everybody has everything that they need to do the best they can at what they do. For the kids, this means that I make sure they have what they need to be ready for school, 3 squares a day, clean home, clean clothes, discipline, hugs, regular dental care, etc.... For my husband, this means that I handle pretty much every aspect of the homefront so he is free to concentrate completely on his job. All I ask is for a little time for our family away from said job, okay? That's all.

I understood that when hubby went to work in a retail environment, the holidays were going to be a little bit more difficult. I knew that the weeks leading up to Christmas were going to be very busy and he was going to have to put in long hours. I accepted that.

I knew that our family life was going to have to take a hit because Daddy was going to to be essentially gone. 14 - 16 hour days. Nights. Weekends. Gone. He's the FNG. I get it. It is, however, possible to push my patience too far.... To ask too fucking much. I awoke to find this in my email inbox forwarded from my husband....

It's required hunny:)


From: Wanker, Jerkoff
Sent: Mon 12/26/2005 7:52 AM

To: 20 poor bastards including my husband

Subject: Poker tourney

As some of you have heard, we will have a Hold 'em tournament on January 15th at my house. All mgrs, sups and snrs are invited and required to attend. We will begin at 830pm. I will provide food. Please bring your own booze. It will be a $20 buy-in, payout for 1st and 2nd place. I will send out directions soon.
J. Wanker GM - blah blah blah Madison, blah
Responsibility - Focus - Analytical - Achiever - Self-Assurance (<-- dude, get over yourself!) [Emphasis mine]

Now keep in mind, my hubby has had a whole 8 count them... EIGHT days off since October 31st. And that 8 includes both Thanksgiving Day and Christmas day. Okay? That's not much. We haven't seen him. He's exhausted. We miss him. And supposedly things are going to begin to level out and we can once again find some balance. That's what I have been looking forward to, anyway.

So when the GM sends out an "invitation" to a mandatory poker "party" -- IMO that's cutting in to MY time, Bub. Hmmmmkay? And by declaring that the event is REQUIRED??? Guess what? That's not a fucking "party." It's a business function. On a SUNDAY NIGHT.

Now I realize that this jerk off may not have a wife and family.... but you know, OTHER PEOPLE DO. Hubby and I actually like each other. He likes spending time with our kids. He hasn't had much opportunity to lately so this fun little get together (at the bargain price of $20) isn't so fucking FUN! Capice?

Just because you happen to be "the boss" does not mean you get to make people come to your little "party. " Attencence is REQUIRED??? Kiss my ass! If you are such a lame-o that you require people who work for you to come to your house to play with you? You suck. Okay?

And to not even make an attempt to include their significant others after the super busy holiday retail season where people have not seen their families or s.o. in 2 months??? You suck even more. And then to dictate that these people (hello! employees!) are going to have to pay you $20 in order to attend your REQUIRED event and have bring their own booze as well??? Well, Fuck you!

Personally, I'd rather he be at home with me. And I guaranGoddamntee that if I make my wishes MANDATORY and his presence at home REQUIRED -- my little "party" will take precedence over yours. Asshole.

**The views herein expressed are mine and mine only. They may be hormone induced. They may be the result of post holiday exhaustion. PTSD. ESP. QRS. Not enough wine. Whatever. That doesn't change the fact that this "required poker tournament" is complete and utter BULLSHIT. That is all....