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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Baking and saying thank you....

More baking to do today. I am ever so glad that I like my kitchen given the amount of time I am spending there lately. Last night it was was 10 dozen variations of chocolate chip cookies and homemade toffee. Today its going to be cranberry orange bread and spice cake. And more toffee. Mmmmmm toffee....

It is this time of year that I tend spend a great deal of time thinking about how thankful I am for my life and my family. (Even when certain members are chasing each other through the house with whoopee cushions and shrieking...) I am a firm believer in the power of a simple "thank you" when I am going about my daily business. It's important. And I think that we could use with more thank yous in the world.

This led me to give some thought about some of the people in my world who go without thanks -- even though I really appreciate what they do. Sometimes you're just not in a position to say thanks. Or maybe you never actually see the person. And that's too bad.

Early this morning in order to rectify some absent thank yous I strategically placed a gift of goodies for both the garbage and recycle guy. Let's face it, my life would be far more difficult without their services. And on days like today when it is -8 zero and they deal with nothing but trash all day, I would think a little "thank you" might make the day a little better. So thank you Garbage Guy. And thanks Recycle guy. Good job. Hope you like the treats.

Some others who deserve a thank you -- who probably don't hear one very often:

**Thank you snow plow guy! I really like that you're out there clearing the way.
**Thank you teacher's aides. With out you there would be far less construction paper art.
**Thank you to whomever warms up the speculum for me. It's only once a year, but I appreciate it.
**Thank you school lunch lady. You serve a bazillion little kids food that they are almost sure to complain about every. single. day. and then you have to do the dishes too. Really, thanks.

I'd give all of you some toffee and cookies if I could....

So that's what I came up with today in the few minutes between batches. Feel free to add any typically unthanked people that you come up with in the comments. It's all good karma....