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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My hometown.... gonna be featured on the Early Show (CBS) tomorrow!! According to the local paper at 7:40am Central/Mtn time, Country Christmas in Powell, Wyoming will be showcased! (ymmv )

Okay, by "showcased" I mean they have done a piece on the "Country Christmas" celebration Powell, Wyo puts together every year. The whole Country Christmas thing is pretty cute -- Tons of twinkle lights decorate downtown, Santa usually flies in by helicopter and takes up residence to hear the whispered wishes of the tots that come by,** and they have a parade and everything! It's a big ball of fun!

And when you live in (or come from) podunk Wyoming, making it on TV (without a murder charge) is a big deal!

**I used to date one of the guys that "played Santa" when they started this whole Country Christmas thing. In real life he looked a lot like (this) Kris Kringle. Really. (Well, without all of the plastic and stuff...)