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Sunday, December 11, 2005


Hooray! The girls spent all day today playing outside in the snow. It is just the kind best used for snowmen and forts. Gotta love it. (The snow I grew up with in Wyoming was almost always too dry to do anything fun with, it would just blow around and make your face sting. Boo.) It's been snowing off and on here since Thursday so they have had plenty to work with. I even channeled Martha Stewart a little and served the kids hot chocolate and cookies outside.**

I spent the day listening to Christmas music and baking cookies. Okay... and doing laundry, and cleaning house, and maybe The Matrix was on and I may have watched a little of that too -- but even The Matrix can be considered christmassy if there are carols playing in the background, right? Right??

Okay, no. Probably not. So I won't be mistaken for Mrs. Rockwell anytime soon. But the cookies were good!

Anyhoo, my cousin Inga (think we might be of Nordic descent at all??) sent me a great email with all kinds of Calvin and Hobbs Snowmen cartoons! Whoohoo! I've got one for every day now through Christmas to add some giggle to the season.....

**I hope Santa was watching -- I need all the brownie points I can get this year.