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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Tagged Twice!

Good grief! I spend the day in the kitchen and look what happens! Both Oddybobo and VW at One Happy Dog Speaks have tagged me to name the 5 movies that mean the most to me at Christmas.

Okay, this isn't very hard. I like movies that help me to perpetuate my own belief that Santa is real and still spreading joy throughout the world.

I love The Santa Clause and The Santa Clause 2. Cute, cute stuff there.... I like the idea that somebody can get "drafted" so to speak, into the magical world of Santa Claus.

Miracle on 34th Street (the old black and white version). Great story and courtroom drama. How do you deny Santa now!! Huh?!?! When the USPS recognizes him! 'Nuff said!

Now for basic Christmas spirit, I like It's a Wonderful Life. I know, I know. It was technically a box office flop, but it's got Jimmy Stewart! And I love the whole "meaning of life/ everybody has something important to contribute" vibe. (And to see IAWL acted in 30 seconds by bunnies go here.)

Lets see.... That's 4. I need one more.....

Oh right -- and finally, (National Lampoon's) Christmas Vacation. Family dysfunction at its finest! Funny every time!

Whew! So now, who to tag? I tag Trouble over at Dubious Wonder 'cuz she is on vaca and has the time, Brian at Point2Percent so that he will post something ;) , and Eric over at Straight White Guy 'cuz I know he'll have good movies. Merry Christmas!