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Monday, December 26, 2005

The 26th... always a bit of a let-down, I think.

The "news" people are touting today as another big shopping day. My question is, who in the heck wants to shop TODAY?!?! Maybe I am just strange, but *I* for one am done with the retail madness for a while thankyouverymuch. I cannot think of a thing that we need or want right now, bargains (real or imagined) be damned... I just don't get it, I guess.

It has been a quiet day. Restful, playful, the occasional squabble.... normal stuff. Time for me to get things picked up. Time for the kids to play with their new toys. There may still be snow and slush out there but that didn't stop them from trying out the new scooters and pogo stick and skate board. (And there's nothing quite as fun as having the potential to break your arm....)

Yesterday was great. Good friends, good food, and fun toys. Movies. Wine. Cheesecake. Even though I managed to over cook the prime rib... ( #$%!&%^#$) it was a very good Christmas.

Not much to say about today. I suppose that in and of itself is a pretty good thing........