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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Goal!! Blog Meet, Dinner Party, and an Open House...

So, how was your weekend??

Par usual I over scheduled myself, but it all managed to come together and be a GREAT time! Well - Saturday was great - that's what counts, right? And Sunday still has opportunities to achieve greatness...

We hit the ground running Saturday morning with a soccer game. All sun no snow and Sporta scored her second goal of the season! Whoohoo! That's nothing but net right there...

Then it was off to lunch in Rockford to celebrate the homecoming of *my* favorite dispenser of Drunken Wisdom - That 1 Guy.

Tammi said it best:

"A few of us bloggers got together to chat, drink beer, eat fried food and give him shit. It was a GREAT way to spend the afternoon."

Amen to that. And Tammi has pictures to boot! (Note to self - it's time to up the SPF on my face for soccer games. I love red but this is getting silly!)

Hanging out with Tammi, Harvey and T1G is always a great time and I also had the honor of meeting another blogger I have been hoping to get to hug one of these days - Raging Mom from The Splatter Zone. What a treat!

After we had all eaten, drank, and made merry (thanks y'all!) and my girls had decided Hooters was the best place they had ever been for lunch ever (uh-oh) we headed for home... I had a couple of appetizers to make before we headed out to the little farmette our former neighbors now call home.

(Hey - I told you I had over scheduled myself....)

So some of the usual yummy was prepared in the form of Hot Artichoke Dip and I decided that this was a primo opportunity to test drive some tweaks made to a recipe given to me by a lovely lady and damn fine cook. You can see a picture of the variations of this culinary delight here. (And hey, Christina?? This stuff needs a name... Something *other* than crack....)

Oh yeah - a base of creamy warm garlicky cheese topped with bacon and shrimp scampi was what we enjoyed last night. Heaven. Heaven on a cracker... Crack... Mmmmmm....

Of course today dawned with a heavy dose of reality. Reality in the form of - Holy crap! We're having an Open House!!! ::much running around and arm flapping did follow::


So now it's three o'clock, and all is well. And with the exception of getting the girls squared away for school tomorrow and the *bleepity* *bleep* *bleep* Church Newsletter done I am all done. Done, done, done, done... With a side of Done sauce. Kaput.

The patio is calling me. As is a glass of wine... Oh - and we had a few "very interested" parties come through the house today amongst the throngs of people groups that came to visit.

St. Joseph must be happier, T1G - thanks for the suggestion...