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Friday, April 27, 2007

Round and round...

...and back again.

It has just been one of those weeks.

The field trip went fine - though I had that moment of epiphany about 2.5 seconds into the bus ride. That "Holy crap - what have I gotten myself into??" epiphany. Someday, maybe I should learn something.

Anyhoo - we got to our destination (The Discovery Center) and I discovered that my camera batteries were dead. Ah well, non-digital memory will just have to suffice. It was all pretty fun in a "squirrel herding" kind of way.

Afterwards a yummy lunch was had at a great Japanese restaurant . Picture for a moment 85 nine year olds spread out over 10 tables watching a Japanese chef flip, dice, sautee, chop and flame all sorts of yummy goodness. I thought the kid next to me was going to pass out from the sheer ecstasy of it all - dude, you never saw fire before?? He was waaaay excited.

Right up until it was time to eat. Ahhhh... then? Not so much.

I'll give Sporta credit though - she raved about the food. Raved! And was asking when we could return before the lunch was even finished. That's my girl... So even though I spent the majority of my time schlepping kids back and forth to the bathroom...
"Mrs. D!! Mrs. D!!! - Did you know that the soap automatically squirts right into your hand?? This place is freeking AWESOME!"

"That's nice Jimmy - now maybe you should try some of the food!"

"Uh - I'll just have some rice...."
Culture - you just can't get enough. You should see these kids go through cheese and summer sausage though. It's a trip.

So anyhoo, we survived the field trip and made it home to continue the freekyness of getting the house ready to show. Oh joy. And just as we were bugging out - I noticed a nice black truck parked out front.

Oh goodie, the lookees were here.

So as we left we said hello - nice couple. Though they looked way to young to be *driving* let alone buying a whole house... I must be getting old.

So now, how to end this ramble... Right - Happy Friday! I am off to put more scratch into the girls therapy fund, and garner more supplies for the afore mentioned dreaded Open House, and to look for my sanity. I seem to have dropped it somewhere.

Oh, and does anybody have a spare sense of humor I could borrow? I could use a bit more of that too... The "kind and gentle" mom needs to be resurrected. The crabby and harsh one is getting on my nerves...