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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Some quick links...

Yeah, yeah. I know I should be doing housework - but I've got a couple of days...

First up, the serious stuff....

CalTechGirl has a post up today marking Armenian Martyrs' Day. Remembering the forgotten souls of a genocide that happened in Turkey during World War I.

What, you didn't know? Yeah - shamefully, me either. Hitler used the fact that no one cared to remember those atrocities (not long thereafter) to justify his desired "cleansing" of Germany... Those who fail to remember history are destined to repeat it. We need to remember.


Tammi pointed out that a woman has been awarded the Silver Star for the first time since WWII. Kudos to you Sgt. Hester!

And hello! Where is the 60 Minutes story on this act of heroism?!?! Hey Katie?? I have a great human interest piece for you! A good woman doing a great job - equal to her male peers. I want to see her on the news.

And Tammi also has the 411 concerning the celebration at the Pentagon for the Month of the Military Child. Taking care of the little guys is a great idea!


And now for some funny - Crystal over at Boobs Injuries and Dr. Pepper. Where do I even start... (Consider yourself warned - go pee before reading and don't be drinking anything. I am serious.)

The baby may smell like pickles (not for the first time) but she and her hubby got to have a romantic night alone.

Crapblogging? She may not have invented the concept - but from her it is beyond funny. Beyond.

Seriously, if ever you need a little "pick me up" or a tear spurting belly laugh - Crystal has it in spades. Just hit the archives and start scrolling. It will do you a world of good...

Okay - I gotta go clean. Operation Tidy is back in full swing - the countdown to Holy Crap We're Having an Open House has begun...