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Friday, April 20, 2007



So in the wee hours of this morning (4:36 am for the curious). I was having one of those not quite sleeping - certainly not awake "dreams."

Kinda like your brain flipping through the channels of the cosmos trying to decide where your REM should go next... *click* Korean students in a math class *click* a county fair *click* border collies running near a lake *click* baking an apple pie *click*

All the while with the song U + UR Hand by Pink playing in the background...

(Yes, I know it's weird - so sue me.)

Just then, clear as day - loud, but not shouting - I hear: "Hey, Richmond!"

My eyes are now open and I try to become fully awake. The masculine voice was both familiar yet not instantly recognizable. And after blinking for a moment, I turned my head to the right (towards the source of the voice). Though I felt a bit of apprehension, I was not afraid.

And no one was there.

I waited for more, but nothing came. The house was still. I tried to determine who was giving me a shout out... Sure sounded real. Hope everything is okay.

Tried to go back to sleep - but it just wasn't going to happen.

I am ready for the sun to come up now, at any rate. That's for sure...