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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

With all of this arm flapping you'd think I'd at least gain some altitude...

Alternate title - "Yes I *am* a half crazed dumbass - what of it?"

Other alternate title "I have the bestest friends ever that love me even if I am a lunatic!"

Operation Sell This House is going to tip me right over the edge. I can just tell...

See me waving from waaaay up in my tree? (Ahhh - so that's where the "altitude" comes in...)

Lord, I can't wait for this whole process to be over! (And thank you to all of you that have been helping to talk me down - I couldn't do it without you...)

So last night we had the inspection of the house - the inspector got here early as I was still trying to gather up to bug out. While getting Sporta's soccer stuff together, I noticed that Mr. Inspector was talking to someone - Holy crap! The people who put the offer on my house! Ack!

It never occurred to me that they (the buyers) might be here for the inspection (they live an hour+ away) and my realtor didn't mention a thing about it. When I had asked *my* realtor what was expected of me during the inspection she said "nothing" and said it was fine if I was here or fine if I was gone.

Well, alrighty then.

So the house wasn't "show ready" - it was as it is when we are *living* here. You know - stuff on the counters, homework, cluttered desk, laundry on the folding table, blah blah blah.... I figured that the inspector would simply be looking at the nuts and bolts of the place - no need for scented candles or mood music, right?

Anyway, thank God I had the dishes done and had just run the vacuum and tidied up or I would have been totally freaking out...
[cue inner voice] ::So that's what you call *not* freaking out, is it?? ::

[cue *other* inner voice] ::oh, you just shut up::

Making things even better, along with the prospective buyers there was a small entourage consisting of Buyer Lady's mother and Buyer Dude's sister. Can I get another Holy crap?!?!?

So what do you do?

Well, if you're me - you invite everybody in to see the house! Yay!! ::commence the flapping of arms::

So Dude (the potential buyer) divided his time between my "house tour" and going around with the inspector. (Which was the hubby of *their* realtor and a friend of one of his cousins, I think. Wonderful. Nothing like a little nepotism.)

Meanwhile, I led the ladies on a guided tour of the house, explaining the history of certain things and showing them all of the quirky little custom details of the place - many things they had either not noticed or didn't know about.

The buyer lady's mom was just beaming the entire time. I know she loved the house. And the buyer dude's sister loved it too... Though I have to say it feels WEIRD to have total strangers opening your bedroom closet doors while you are in attendance. Gah. But all was well...

Finally (2 and 1/2 hours later) the inspector guy was done and Buyer Lady and I have just chatted up a storm. Buyer Dude seems like a really nice guy (he teaches high school in nearby town) and she plans to be a SAHM. They are expecting a baby in the fall. In my mind, the house couldn't be more perfect for them...

So the bottom line is either I have just queered the whole deal, or they love the house more than before. I am simply trying to get out of my *own* head about it.

And down out of this tree... ;-)