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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Well hey... fall through all the time. Right? Right??

**sigh** Right.

Looks like my house is back on the market - ah well. At least I know that there are things that are up to me, and things that are not. And it's all good...

Stressful, but good.

A pain in the ass, but good.

And hey - I must be learning something. Right? And that's good too.

The good news?? Our house is going back on the market at a higher price.

The bad news??? It's going to be listed at a higher price because it will be sporting a brand new roof.

So I am coping the best way I know how - by planting flowers!

Because you know, if I am going to start having showings and an open house this weekend, I want this place tricked out.

And flowers make everything better...

Buddy Wisdom...

"Dogs make everything better too, Mummy. You should find a cool place and just lie down for a while..."

Maybe later, Bud. Maybe later.