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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Field Trip!!

Nothing like being able to take a little time to be a kid again.

I'm off - Sporta's class is headed to Rockford for a day of fun and learning, and with the exception of riding the big yellow bus I am really looking forward to it! And there will be lunch! Whoohoo!

So, anyhoo, pictures to follow later I think. And of course, the realtor called late last night to schedule a showing.


The up side is that the showing is scheduled for 7:00 pm - so I still have some time.

(And just between you and me? I hope these people are serious. Because in my mind that is not exactly a "convenient" time for people who have kids and stuff... But that's just me...)

Anyway, next time remind me to buy a house that is "self cleaning" - okay? I need one...

But for right now... Going on a field trip, field trip, field trip.... Going on a field trip. :-) It's all gonna work out fine...

Crazy is as crazy does... Or so I am told. ;-)