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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A conversation in my *OWN* head...

....because if I don't share the crazy it becomes permanent. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Me: "You should really get to work on the dining room floor, you know."

Myself: "Yeah I know. But it rained..."

Me: "So?? It needs done!! Hello - Open House Sunday. Remember???"

Myself: "I KNOW! But that's days away..."

Me: "Have you looked at the calendar?"

Myself: "What do you mean - I *write* the calendar..."

Me: "Well, tomorrow you have that field trip with Sporta's class..."

Myself: "Yay field trip!"

Me: "And Friday you have an appointment in the morning and WOOKIE (With Out Our Kids I'm Elated) lunch with the gals...

Myself: "Yeah?? I still have time..."

Me: "And on Saturday there's soccer, you are supposed to go south of the border for lunch and you have that other thing Saturday night."

Myself: "Oh..."

Me: "And the church newsletter is due Monday..."

Myself: "Shit."

Me: "Right - so let's get cracking!"

Myself: "Alright, give me just a sec..."