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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New Construction

Here's where we are...

Here's where we are headed...

That's the plan anyway.

Yesterday I got to meet with the chickie in the builder's office who assists in selecting the interior options for their new homes. It was great fun, with the exception of one eentsy beentsy little personality quirk she had going.

As we were chatting along while I looked at flooring samples, carpet swatches and cabinet doors, she would tell a little story. Usually beginning with some interior selection some other buildee had made and then followed by:
"And then, you know, they were unable to sell their house. And they lost their new home... It was so sad..."
"Oh, but don't worry - you guys will be fine!"

The kicker is that she entertained us with not just one of these little anecdotes, but three. THREE!!! Color me crazy, but thinking about the whole freeking deal falling through is not something I want to have in the forefront of my mind as I try to envision my counter top options thankyouverymuch!! Lord!!

Other than that, though she was quite pleasant. ::rolls eyes:: And I am happy with my choices...

The lighter flooring is for the master bath and girls bath, the darker is for the garage entry into the laundry room. Oak floors for the dining room, kitchen, and breakfast area, and carpet for the rest of the house. Hickory cabinets in the kitchen and the "tuscan marble" counter tops.

I am quite pleased.

Now I am working on my color palette for the interior walls and I am going to bury St. Joseph today.

Hedging my bets? Absolutely. Because...
"Then, you know, they were unable to sell their house. And they lost their new home... So sad..."
...sticks in your head, yo. Sticks in your head.