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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

And sometimes....

God says "No."


Sometimes the miracles end, only to be renewed... Sometimes, there is a "grace period"..... And sometimes GOD says "No."

I just hope that this is *not* one of those times....... I really do. I believe in prayer. But sometimes I fear the answers....

I am hedging my bets and I've booked a flight. It's time to go and be more than just moral support over the phone. Not that I can do much, mind you. But sometimes you just have to show up and do what little you can.

I am ugly when I cry... And I have been having a hard time not crying of late... Shit. Cancer sucks.

Update: 6-7-06 It looks now like I will not be in time. The tide may turn, but we are not all that optimistic and this has been a very rapid decline. Thanks to everyone for the thoughts and prayers. Uncle Ben will have many people who love him around him in the coming days, and if he rallies - all the better. One way or the other I know I will see him again...