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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Drastic change!!!!

Well, that's what the handy dandy discount MENSA calendar says, anyway. Sounds like they are taking their cues from the MSM.

If a newspaper reported today's Brain Bender as "news" (hey, you never know...) I have a feeling that Drastic Change would be the headline followed closely by ...and it's all Dubya's fault!! or World watches in fear as the possibility of global warming increases... some more... we think....

Aren't you glad you get the straight scoop from me?? Yeah, I thought so.

Anyway, here is today's Brain Bender...


Find a word that changes pronunciation drastically when a "D" is added at the end.


So that's it! Simple and straight forward enough. You know how to play, the answer will be found later in the comments.

Update: Whoohoo! With many great answers our winner and official smartypants is Blue Tige! The "official" calendar answer was envelope / enveloped. Thanks for playing y'all!