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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Potential Blogmeet!

Og the Neanderpundit is trying to put something together.... A Midwest Blog Meet (though he says you're welcome wherever you are from...)

I would like to see a blogmeet of Midwest Bloggers, though of course anyone would be welcome to attend, and I'm thinking the 23. 24, 25 of June, or the 15, 16, 17 of July. This is a suggestion only, I need to know who can come and when.

My very tentative plan of activities would involve arriving at Chicago Midway on the Friday evening, dinner for whosoever can attend that evening at Klas or someplace similar. Saturday would be a range day either in a local Illinois club or a local Indiana club. Outdoors preferred. Potentially with a BBQ. Saturday evening dinner at someplace close to the city for everyone's convenience. Sunday morning brunch and everyone hits the road for home.
He has asked for suggestions for dates and the like and it sounds like it would be an incredibly good time! So if you are interested going to Chicago and hooking up with some really terrific people for a great party - head on over to Og's and let him know!

I sure hope that I get to go...

Oh! And Rave over at Quid Nunc has a great suggestion for a class/game.

Classes held in the Luau Bar, 5th floor, Motel 6.
Bring your own pole.

Check that out too!