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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I know, right? Nothing since Christmas.


And right this second you know what I have found to celebrate? The sun is shining today. And I still have peanut M&Ms in my desk drawer. And Ella Fitzgerald is singing. All of these things work for me...

I would love to have something incredibly funny or profound to post, but I do not. And you know? Given the shit storm that has blown through over the past few months, I am really okay with that. Time to refocus and prepare for the rest of the ride, day, millennium... Whatever.

It is what it is...

So today I will focus on the sunshine. And on the chocolate. And on Ella Fitzgerald.

And I know that this feeling?? The gray moments? They shall pass... By in large I keep an excellent poker face in place. Fortified by M&Ms when necessary... ;)