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Thursday, January 18, 2007

This is it!

And after two weeks of having to explain:

  • How it really is going to be better for my family if I am available 24/7

  • No, I will NOT be bored.

  • "won't you miss us?" Well, the truth is that I will miss seeing a few folks on a regular basis - But by in large? No. I won't miss you... (I never say that though. Just "Of course I will!")

  • "you'll miss this place." Uhhhhh.... No. No, I will not.

  • "so whaddya gonna do? just sit around all day?" Yeeaaah. Just like every other stay-at-home Mom does. ::rolls eyes:: We have prizes for who can eat the most bon-bons weekly.

But do you know who is going to be really really REALLY happy to have me around 24/7 again??

Can you guess?

These two....

They are going to get to "go out" and "come in" umpteen more times a day.

Oh yeah. They're going to be happy.

And I suppose Computa and Sporta will be happy too... One would hope at least...

So, off I go! Gotta get this "last day" business DONE.