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Monday, January 15, 2007

It's a good day to just be home...

....especially now that I am done with work.

Chicken Tortilla Soup is simmering on the stove, (though I guess technically "pork" tortilla soup would be a more accurate description this time). And WxMan is off today. We have six inches of snow on the ground, the girls bounded happily off to school, and I have an afternoon to get some projects done around here.


Anyhoo, for those of you who would like to exercise those braincells waste time at work, here is the Brain Bender for Monday...


Purple is worth 70 points, green is worth 60 points, and red is worth 35 points.

Using the same scoring system, how many points is orange worth?


Wow. Your average Deadhead's shirt would be worth a bunch point wise. Who knew?

And like always, the answer will be found later in the comments. See you then!