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Monday, January 08, 2007

Eric asked...

… the way I look at it, everyone should carry a pocket knife…. even if you wear a suit every day….. they’re useful things to have around…. so, tell me, people…. do you carry a knife?... and if not, WHY not…
Well, as a matter of fact I *do* carry a pocket knife. Though I suppose mine might be better categorized as a "purse" knife, because unless I have it on my person as I am doing a task, that is where it is.

This is my new knife that my Dad got for me in early November for my birthday.

I love it. It fits my hand well, is sharp as hell, and I love that I have a choice between the regular blade and the utility knife depending on the job. Also, the mechanism for opening it is nice because I don't have to use my fingernails, the blade locks are solid, and it matches my purse. I like red.

It is a bit larger than the size knife I have carried in the past, but oh so much more useful. Even if it did cause some of the Church Ladies eyes to widen when I pulled it out to do some trimming of wire and what-not while we were greening the Church for Christmas. And that's okay.

Also, I dang near always have (at the bare minimum) some sort of leatherman type tool kicking around in my purse along with a small flashlight, tape measure, and tire gauge.

Luck favors the prepared, right?

So what do you carry?? Enquiring minds want to know!