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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Heh. Yep - that's me....

VW Bug finds all the coolest stuff...

Robotic Intelligent Construct Hardwired for Masterful Observation and Nocturnal Destruction

Get Your Cyborg Name

I especially like the Nocturnal Destruction part. Heh.


And Tammi over at Tammi's World has a great Saturday question today.

What is your most secret favorite treat? Something you don't get very often but is just tied up with yummyness and good memories.

I got to take a little mini trip down memory lane to the counter at Brown Drug in Sheridan, Wyoming where my Nonny would take us for the occasional Vanilla Coke. No shortcuts - and no ice in the glass... They mixed all the syrups and elixirs right in front of you.

I hadn't thought about those trips in years...

And look - I found a picture of the place....

55-59 North Main
Diefenderfer and Dinwiddie Hardware The Diefenderfer and inwiddie Hardware store was "modernized" and remodeled in the early 1960's and housed a clothing store and later Brown Drug Store. Restoration in the mid 1990's returned the building to its original design

My Nonny was a fine lady. Dang - I miss her.

Happy thoughts are a great way to start the day. Even when they make you a teeny misty... Thanks Tammi. :-)