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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Preparing for the future....

Tomorrow is my last day of work. Whoohoo!

So today I am getting ready for re-entering full time homemakerdom. What does this mean? Well, nothing, really. I never actually left my homemaker post, so returning to it is kind of a moot point.


But I *am* going to be happy to be back.

The de-clutterfication of the office continues. And I hung a new valence today. WxMan was a little startled by my curtain color choice (it's a nice crimson) but he'll get used to it. He always does...

(And how can I go wrong with crimson and cream decorating touches when you live with an Okie? Unless they are an Orange Crush fan, of course...)

Anyhoo.... I digress.

More volunteer work on my plate for today as well - that will be ever increasing I'm sure. And laundry. Always the laundry...

But still. In the coming months I am sure I will complain about the monotony of housework and blah, blah, blah. For right now it feels good to be happy about it. :-)

Very good.