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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Another "Holy Crap!" moment in my house...

I guess an alternative title would be, "What the heck do you 'spoze they are teaching in schools these days anyway???"

Either way.

Tonight as I prepped the girls' backpacks to ready them for school tomorrow, I flipped to the appropriate page in Sporta's assignment notebook.

I really like these things. It keeps her organized, and keeps me looped in as to what they are working on, what needs done, and what (if anything) special is coming up. She had told me early on that she didn't have any homework this weekend, so it was just a formality and to ensure we were ready for Monday.

As I prepared to add my John Hancock to the page, something a little troubling caught my eye...

Can't see it? Well try this shot...


So I turned around, shook my head, and looked again to see if I had read it correctly.

Yup. That's what I read.

So as any calm, cool and collected parent would do I called A. into the kitchen and asked her to read the notation to me.

Sporta: "Mooooom.... It says fact sheet sign... Okay???"

Me: "Of course it does... Thanks for clearing that up for me..."

fact. sheet. sign.

Of course...

Hey, at least her spelling (of other words) and penmanship are pretty good, right??

Ya think I'd better go now and write a note for the teacher??

Yeah, me too...