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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Oh, the weather outside.... balmy! But that's not stopping us from beginning the Christmas prep.


If anything, it is making "Operation Outdoor Christmas Cheer" that much more pleasant of an undertaking. That and the knowledge that cold weather is on the way... And no one wants to be doing this stuff when it's blowing and snowing out.

No one.

So, that's what I'm working on today. Had to make the arbitrary trip to Home Depot for more portable electrical outlets. Gotta love that - whole isles of extension cordage and all manner of things to plug into them.

Six foot tall inflatable Snow Globes to go in front of your house with all types of Christmas Critters trapped inside. Getting snowed on in perpetuity. Smiling.

I feel a bit sorry for them, actually.

And really, in Florida or other places where snow doesn't happen - I can kind of see the appeal. I can!

"Look honey, I got an inflatable Snow Globe for the front yard! See?? The snow blows all around the cute snowmen inside! Just like it does in real life up North - only we don't have to shovel anything! Isn't it festive??

But here in Wisconsin?? Uh, HELLO! We get snow here! Lots and lots of it. Every. Single. Year.

And it's festive. Right up until January second. And then the countdown begins as to how much longer we are going to have to deal with the white stuff, and what a pain in the a$$ shovelling it is...

But I digress...

Today, I am getting on the Operation Outdoor Christmas Cheer bandwagon. Though my yard will be inflatable Snow Globe free, thankyouverymuch.

But I do have my eye on some illuminated Elk that were pretty fascinating.

That could be fun....