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Friday, July 07, 2006

You know, I never know what I'm gonna get....

When I click over to see what Eric the consummate Straight White Guy is up to. And today?? Well today was no exception.

The only difference today was that after shaking my head and muttering "Oh honestly, Eric!" my next thought was, "Wait a minute.... I can play too!"

I was saving this picture for a future post about donating a great length of my hair to locks of love (I have decided to lop it all off - it's been some time coming). I just need to make the appointment.

So here you go, folks... Inspired by Eric - The Back of *MY* Head!

Not too shabby, Eh? And as far as Eric's describing his as "quite a fine pelt" I do believe I have Mr. SWG beat. Just sayin'....