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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Filed under DUH....

So yesterday at about 5pm my internet connection failed. "Oh well," I thought - big storms were rolling through the area... "No biggie. It will be back up and running in no time.... "

5:30 nada

6:00 zip

6:45 nuthin'


7:05 "Oh well. Time to clean the kitchen and start bath time anyway..."

8:02 "Crap! This is really taking a while... "

8:30 WTF???

8:43 "This is freeking ridiculous.... How much do I pay these people anyway!?!?!? Where is that 1-800 number..... "

8:52 "Hmmmm.... no "service area down" recording at the 1-800 number..." :^0

**percussion therapy for cable modem**

8:58 happy lights


Note to self - try "percussion therapy" (a.k.a. abruptly tapping/banging the SOB on a firm surface) first next time.....