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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Straw warts....

Eeeeewwww...... Straw warts?? Who wants some of those??

No. Not really. Today's Brain Bender is just a palindrome. And it's always a good idea to lead by example, right?

I know. Straw warts aren't a very pretty example, per se. But hey. I tried! Ready to play? Here we go!


How the young lady replied to her suitor, Ned.

N _ _ , _ _ _ , _ * _ _ * _ * _ _ _ _ _ _ * _ _ N.


I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for the poor guy. If his girlfriend thinks in palindromes, he's bound to be in for a few interesting surprises. Like... "Sex at my gym taxes." Whatever *that* means....

Anyway, as always the answer will be found in the comments later! (And ignore the * thingys - they are there for spacing purposes only.)

Update: Our official smartypants is jvh from Showcase of a Shattered Mind! Whoohoo!