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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tuesday Twofer...

Why not! It's like a major waste of time at work exercise for your brain cells - and that's good for you, right?? Here are today's Brain Benders...


The students weren't having much luck selling tickets for their class fair, so they decided to lower the price by two dollars. If they sell 210 tickets at the new price, they'll make as much money as they would selling 70 tickets at the old price.

How much was the old price and how much is the new one?

Which is larger: the number of inches in a mile or the number of seconds in a day?


Pretty straightforward, I think. (Especially if you like math...) For bonus points, what do you suppose the biggest draw at the class fair will be?? Anyway, answers will be found in the comments later.

Okay, I'm off.... Dentist appointments and softball games this afternoon. At least it isn't so terribly hot... Have fun!

Update: Today's official smartypants is Oddybobo - the Bobo Blogger! Whoohoo! And Rachel thinks that the Kissing Booth would be the most popular. Do they even *do* kissing booths anymore??? I feel sure that there would be a complaint from some whiner these days... Anyway, thanks for playin' y'all!