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Monday, July 17, 2006

Just a few snippets from my weekend.....

It was an okay weekend. We could have used a cool front and I am still waiting on my laundry fairy to arrive. But by in large, an okay weekend.

Just for fun, here are some snippets of actual conversations heard in my house....


Me: "So basically it looks like the only place you felt you needed sunscreen is in the middle of your chest?"

WxMan: "I really thought I did a better job..."

Me: "Well, Hon. The burn pattern indicates otherwise. Didn't you ask the girls to help?"

WxMan: "Yeah. They did my back..."

Me: "Huh. Did they use their hands??"

WxMan: ...


"Mommy?!?!?!? Is it possible to DIE from boredness?!?!?!"

(from a conversation with my mom...)

"It's going to be okay, Honey. The good news is that the doctors think they got it all ~ now we just have to decide upon a course of treatment...."


Me: "Hey, A. ??(youngest) Why is your tongue blue?"

A: "What? What do you mean??"

Me: "Your tongue, Honey. Why is your tongue blue?"

A: "I dunno - I'm going outside...."

Me: ... ...


Okay, so I'm naked and dripping having just gotten out of the shower....

A. (bursting into the bathroom going mach 4) : "Mommy!!!"

Me: "Holy crap, Honey. You scared me!"

A: "Sorry!! But, Mommy!!"

Me: "What?? What is it?? What's wrong??"

A: "It's ROASTING outside..."

Me: ...

"And I need to know this right this second, why?"

A: "I dunno. Bye, Mom!"


So here we go. It's Monday. Should I be afraid???