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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Okay, the date is set....

I finally called and made my appointment to rid myself of this mane I have going....

August 4th is the day. I am actually pretty excited about this. Not that I haven't chopped it all off before - but at least this time I have warned my hubby Wxman ahead of time... And the hair will be going to support a good cause.

The first time was just a few weeks after we were married. I went from this (and I was wearing my hair up)-->

To having a short spikey do. Wxman said all the right things at the time, but I know it startled him to say the least. I am unsure what will prevail this time.

Good grief. Here I am, five o'clock in the morning, writing about hair. North Korea is giving the world a headache, terrorist plots are being hatched, the DU is probably in full froth mode, and I am writing about hair.

Ah well, that's okay. It is something *I* can control at any rate, unlike the others.

And now it's time for me to go "make the doughnuts." (Not really, but I always think that at this hour when I am getting ready to leave the house). Happy Tuesday.