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Friday, June 09, 2006

Say what?!?! To my house??

So toward the last day of school, I took in a treat to both the girls' class rooms just for fun. Two big platters of watermelon.

Originally, I had intended for the kids to enjoy them after their "track and field" day, but with all that was going on, we found room for them in the school's ginormous fridge to be enjoyed the following day. No problemo.

The next day I go in and stopped at A.'s classroom to gather up my stuff and thank her teacher (Mr. G) for a great year. Mr. G is a cute young guy (he wears pooka shells for heaven's sake) who has great classroom skills and a great repotoir with the kids. The kids were cleaning up their desks - bursting with energy and super easily distracted. You could see that they had been just borderline bouncing off the walls all day.

A. decided to be "helpful" and skipped over to the table, grabbed my 18 x 24 ceramic platter by one handle and merrily skipped and swung her way over to me - while I made the classic "holy crap please don't break that....." face.

Mr. G saw me and gave a a vaguely amused smile at my relief to get my platter from A. (unbroken - thank God) and sauntered over.

Me: "Oh whew! I wasn't sure she was going to make it over here without a large crashing sound.... Are you ready for summer?"

Mr. G: "Oh yeah. Definitely. "

Me: "Looks like you have had a busy day! I feel for you... I know my girls have been pretty hyper lately... "

Mr. G: "Yeah, you should try dealing with 20 of them at once!* They have all been really excitable the past couple of days."

Me: "And just think, one day you'll have one or two just like them that will live at your house and want to play with your stereo and stuff..."

Mr. G: [very quietly and visibly paling] ... ... "Holy crap... I hadn't thought about that. Won't for a while though... "

*Heh. Yeah well, I've seen him with his girlfriend. He'll be married with kids in no time. And as far as the "you should try dealing with 20 of them at once..." Every Mom has, Buddy... Every Mom has....