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Friday, December 30, 2005

Top 10 Good People

As I mentioned earlier, Bou suggested that we all make a "Top 10 Good People of 2005" list. People who had been particularly nice for no good reason, or did something that just made your day. I had to include some on the list that didn't affect *me* personally but deserve to be there none the less.

What a nice way to focus on the positive and a great project for me today so here we go!

1. The Doctors that decided to take on my Uncle Ben's case in spite of the advanced nature of his cancer and the state of his insurance (none to speak of at the time). When others declared the case "hopeless" and "inoperable" these Docs stepped up to the plate. And guess what.... he's doing pretty well! And later it was discovered that he *was* insured. Yay retroactive coverage! The surgery was successful and the chemo seems to be working. I never would have predicted a happy ending or that we would all be so optimistic about the outcome.

2. The Lady working the front desk at the Oasis Hotel in Chamberlain, South Dakota. When the kids, dogs, and I checked in the first time on our way out to Wyoming the front desk lady was very nice and dealt very kindly with some complaints of barking (just while we were at dinner -- sheesh!).

When I made the reservation to stay there during our trip home, she saw it, remembered me and put us in a ground floor room right near the exit so it would be easier for me to manage the kids and the dogs. (They originally had me on the second floor again!) She also made sure that the room next to us was empty so in the event there was any barking it would be no big deal. I really appreciated her efforts.

3. The U.S. Coast Guard. The Coasties did such a great job during the aftermath of Katrina and rarely do the get the round of applause or thanks they deserve. I thought that their efforts were beyond heroic and amazingly well organized. My hat's off to the Coast Guard.

4. The hairdresser lady at the Robyn's Nest. She got Grandma in for a "wash and set" with a moments notice and did things just the way GG likes them done. Later the same hairdresser talked me out of cutting off all of my hair (at least until springtime). I am warm and thankful.

5. The fun nurse at the surgery center that cracked jokes with me before I had that little procedure done on my hand. When I am a little nervous I tend to need to poke fun at my situation and it is always nice to have someone around who is willing to play.

6. The two very happy and generous folks at the rest stop/visitor center outside of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Driving cross country with 2 kids and 2 dogs is not very fun by anyone's estimation and these two folks at the rest stop made the girls' day. They still have the posters hanging in their room.

7. The lady on the playground that handed me a wad of tissues one day when K got an unexpected nosebleed.

8. All of the people that gave so generously of themselves during the aftermath of the many natural disasters suffered around the world this year. The depth and breadth of humanity shown is amazing. Charitable giving and service is alive and well. That's nothing but good news in the face of such bad news.

9. My parents. They have given of themselves above and beyond the call of duty over and over again this year. Helping to care for family members struck with illness or injury -- moving in with them if necessary. They have both put their own plans on hold time and time again this year when the need arose. Way to go you guys...

and finally 10. Everybody who comments here. Blogging has been my most fun little project this year and I appreciate everyone who has taken the time to leave me a kind word. Thanks. And Happy New Year!