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Monday, August 29, 2005

Uncle Ben Update 8/29

...just after I started this blog my beloved Uncle Ben (not just Uncle, but friend and Godfather) was diagnosed with stage 4 renal cancer. The Cancer had metastized and things have looked bleak.....

So we finally have some good news! The interferon is working! Having removed the compromised kidney and undergoing 3 months of treatment Uncle Ben's remaining tumor(s) are shrinking considerably! Yay! It's rare to have a truly "yay" moment when you are dealing with cancer so this is something to celebrate. :)

He will continue with the interferon treatments for the next while. I am just so thankful that something is working..... Whether it is the interferon, the power of prayer, or his new age Vibe Treatments -- I don't care. He is winning the fight right now and that is nothing but good news.