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Monday, August 29, 2005

Monday clever title today

So up at 4:30am to see Hubby off to a conference in Chicago. Naturally, unable to go back to blissful sleep and I end up watching hurricane Katrina coverage. Over and over dire predictions with the same satellite pictures, experts using computer models to predict destruction, reporters on hotel balconies reporting that the wind is picking up and the "rain is really starting to come down now!" Really? No shit. Who would have thunk it?

And then once the sun rises the stupidity really gets kicked up a notch. For one, the media folks were visibly disappointed when the hurricane got down graded to a level 4. Hello?!?! Less destruction and death is a *good* thing people! And why is it that you have to have a guy standing out in the "open" on camera saying really intelligent things like "I measure the wind speed by how hard it is to keep standing up in it!" And "A viewer let me know that I should have some sort of safety eyewear on because of the flying debris so I'm wearing these goggles even though they look kind of stupid. Back to you in the studio!" WTF? Dude! *You* look kind of stupid -- get out of the wind already!

I just hope that this storm weakens even more and gets outta there -- and the media jackals get nothing for their trouble. Nothing.

Update: (10:45) Michele at A Small Victory is planning on keeping track of all of the hyped up stupid stuff reported/said by the media today and Vodkapundit's Stephen Green says that it's our ability to deal with catastrophe that makes America great. Check it out!