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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Favorite Author Rediscovered

I have read and loved a great deal of Robert Fulghum's work. All I Ever Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten is one of my all time favorites and contains philosophy to live by, in my opinion. Recently I have discovered that he has a blog! (Or as he puts it an "Online Journal") and he writes Postcards. An Example:

Three tousle-haired and bare-footed kids in the nine or ten year old class smile and wave from behind their lemonade stand on a corner not far from my house. They are very proud of their stand and especially their sign. "FRESH COLD LEMONADE 25 CENTS." Every word is spelled correctly and printed neatly. Being a sucker for lemonade stands, I stopped to sample their wares, and complimented them on the sign. "Well, we go to school, you know," said one, somewhat indignant that I would even infer a lack of language skills.

They are doing a booming business, despite the fact that their lemonade is a bit sour. Part of their success is due to their father, supervising in a lawn chair from the shade of a tree several yards behind them. He has what looks like a small plastic water bottle in his hand. Checking to see if the coast is clear, he points to the bottle and flashes a large grin and a small sign at me. "Shot of vodka, $1.00."

How I will hate it when summer ends and the rains begin and everybody stays inside. I will miss being part of the common comedy. I will miss the foolish delight in what Thornton Wilder wrote about in his great play, Our Town. He said it was ". . . an attempt to find a value above all price for the smallest events in our daily life."

Happy summer from Seattle. Wish you were here.

It's a great place to spend some time if you are looking for a good read.
Happy summer indeed..........