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Monday, August 22, 2005

We Took the Day Off

......everyone should once in a while...

So today we decided we need to have some fun (and our yard sale money was burning a hole in our collective pockets) so we decided to hit the road and try something new. We headed East and had a nice lunch. Decided on the fly to take the girls the the Milwaukee Public Museum and see what that was all about. What a fun place! We spent most of our time today checking things out in the Discovery Center but next time I think we will have to plan to spend a whole day. Tour the Natural History Museum and catch an IMAX movie and everything. It's a great place.

After our museum trip we headed to lake Michigan and walked the beach for awhile. K and A were thrilled! And surprised at how big it was! The only thing missing was the salty sea air. *sigh* But I guess you can't have everything. It was only about 70 degrees but they insisted that the water was warm. I have to admit -- I took their word for it.

On the way home we stopped to play 18 holes of mini golf. Now this is an activity that we either need to do much more often or much less often. I felt like I was cat herding. All in all though, a good day.