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Thursday, August 18, 2005

On the Phone....

....filed under "what the...?? Really?"

So I got a call this morning from the outpatient center where I am scheduled to have a small procedure done on my hand next week. She asks all of the usual questions. Who will be driving me home after said procedure, height, weight, medical history stuff, past surgeries, list 'o diseases past and present, meds that I'm taking, blah blah blah. The usual.

Then comes the question that I *didn't* expect:
OPC Lady: "So Mrs. X can you tell me why you're scheduled to come in on this date?"

Me: [Thinking, shouldn't they know why I am coming in???] "Um.... I am having blah blah blah done to my right hand." [WTF???]

OPC Lady: "Excellent! You passed the test! You will be called the day before with your surgery time and we will see you next week!"

Me ( confused): "You mean people show up for surgery and have no idea what is going to be done or why they are there?"

OPC Lady: "Honey, you have no idea...."

Good Grief! :^0