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Thursday, August 25, 2005

This really ticks me off....

...and it's been all over the web so I am sure it's not news to you........

But where do these people get the idea that it's OKAY to stage a war protest right where soldiers are recovering??? Aren't these the same people that have continuously said that they "support the troops -- just not the war"??? And how we are not to "question their patriotism" because it is just sooooooooooo patriotic to protest, blame America for all the world's ills, and "speak truth to power?"

But the anti-war activists were unapologetic when asked whether they considered such signs as "Maimed for Lies" offensive to wounded war veterans and their families.

I am more offended by the fact that many were maimed for life. I am more offended by the fact that they (wounded veterans) have been kept out of the news," said Kevin McCarron, a member of the anti-war group Veterans for Peace.

Yeah? Well whatever. I'm offended and I'm calling the protesters unpatriotic. There. I said it. Anyone who would spend their days camped out in front of Walter Reed Medical Center and protest the troops/war (and don't try to tell me that this is a legitimate place to protest) is being unpatriotic, rude, uncouth, mean, and just plain stupid. Period.

Kevin Pannell, who was recently treated at Walter Reed and had both legs amputated after an ambush grenade attack near Baghdad in 2004, considers the
presence of the anti-war protesters in front of the hospital "distasteful."

We went by there one day and I drove by and [the anti-war protesters] had a bunch of flag-draped coffins laid out on the sidewalk. That, I thought, was probably the most distasteful thing I had ever seen. Ever," Pannell, a member of the Army's First Cavalry Division, told Cybercast News Service.

Many of these same protesters believe that a woman has the GOD GIVEN RIGHT to walk into an abortion clinic unmolested and not surrounded by protesters but they think it's okay to hang out in front of a military medical facility to hold up signs that read "Maimed for Lies " and "Enlist here and die for Halliburton " and place flag draped caskets around??? Bullshit.

"[The anti-war protesters] have no business here. If they want to protest policy, they should be at the Capitol, they should be at the White House," said Nina Burke. "The only reason for being here is to talk to [the] wounded and [anti-war protests are] just completely inappropriate."

"[The anti-war protesters] are really showing an enormous lack of respect for just everything that America has always stood for. They lost the election and now they are really, really angry and so they are picking on the wrong people," Wilde added.

Gee, you think? These wounded soldiers, these brave men and women deserve our respect, our thanks, and maybe just a little peace as they recuperate. They do not deserve this.