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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Uncle Ben Update 6/29's going to be a long haul.

Talked to Uncle Ben today. He sounds *really* tired. In fact, every time I have talked to him this month he has sounded exhausted and more than a few times really out of it too. I know that this is caused by the huge doses of pain meds they have him on and the interferon treatments. The doctors say that things are progressing well. I hope so. I am afraid though.

My parents are there this week giving the hired caregiver a much needed break. *sigh* On the one hand, I am so glad that he is able to do something to battle this cancer but on the other I am unsure if he will be able to survive the damned treatment. My Mother tells me he is thin -- very very thin. And I know I am going to have to really prepare myself so I don't react badly when I see him. I mean, I know I'm not going to collapse crying or anything. I just don't want to even have a flicker of noticeable emotion that he might construe as negative. I used to be good at keeping my emotions totally underwraps but now I am not so sure of myself. And there is no real way to practice either........ But I digress.

The girls and I are going to drive out to Wyoming to see him (and of course my folks) in a couple of weeks. My Brother is going to fly in so that he and I can go see Uncle Ben together. I plan to leave the girls with my Mother when we go so as not to complicate the situation and then if Uncle Ben is up to it I will bring K and A by to visit on our way home to Wisconsin. I don't know what to pray for these days really. Peace? Healing? Patience? All of the above? Anyway, the fight is far from over. Maybe I should just pray for stamina -- for all of us.....
Any prayers you would be willing to give would be welcome as well. Thanks.

Update: If some background is needed
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