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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

So it's Tuesday

....whaddya gonna do....

Well, I know what *I* am going to do! First, the good news. My solar fountain came today so I am going to put it up. Yay! You can see the patio where it is going to live in the previous post. Here is the fountain:
Free Image Hosting at The spot where the fountain is to go is in the center or our raised flower bed/stump cover. I am sooooo excited -- I just wish it wasn't cloudy today.

The *other* thing I am going to do is take the girls to see The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl. Bleh. But I promised, and it is supposed to be hot and thunderstormy this afternoon. Think anyone would notice if I brought a book (with a book light?)?? *sigh*

Update: The fountain looks gorgeous!! And Shark Boy and Lava Girl was craptacular**. This movie makes the Spy Kids movies look like Oscar contenders. (Huh, looks like they were directed by the same guy.) Seriously bad. The girls loved it though. (And the kid that plays "Shark Boy" could have a future -- he had some serious martial arts skills. So, if Jean-Claude VanDamme ever resuscitates his career and needs someone to play his character as a kick ass kid -- he's all set.)

**the word craptacular was shamelessly stolen from Lileks dictionary. :-)