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Saturday, June 25, 2005


So 2 years ago I developed a recipe for Blue Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms at my parents house while visiting. They were FABULOUS! I came up with the recipe just dinking around in the kitchen one day and I think I made them 3 times during my stay there. Everyone *loved* them.
So, the problem is that because I just "made up the recipe, dinking around in the kitchen" it was never written down. I have tried to re-create said B.C. Stuffed Mushrooms 3 different times over the past 2 years and they have been HORRIBLE. Twice completely inedible and today edible (I guess) but not *good* by any stretch of the imagination. So I am frustrated. We are having 2 parties next weekend (one on the 3rd and one on the 4th) and I was really wanting to get this recipe figured out! So does anyone have a great recipe for Blue Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms? [Doesn't hurt to ask....]

Otherwise, my crab stuffed mushrooms are perfectly good and I had really good luck with a Boursin Cheese stuffed Mushroom recipe I experimented with today. I just really wanted to get this blue cheese thing figured out! Dang!