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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Pool Rules

...or am I just being paranoid??

So the girls and I just got back from open swim at the High School pool (our backyard pool is still too hypothermic to even *think* about). And as I tried to find a comfortable spot on the bleachers (just FYI -- there isn't one) I noticed that I was the *only* parent in attendance. Huh. And isn't as if my girls at 7 & 8 were the youngest kids there. There were at least 12-15 other kids their age or younger. So here is a question, at what age would you feel comfortable letting your kids swim without your (or at the least another grown-up that you trust) direct supervision?

Granted, my girls are strong swimmers and there are life guards but I am not yet comfortable to just "drop 'em off at the pool" at the ages of 7 and 8. So am I just being totally overbearing/paranoid? I'm curious........

And would it kill them to get some #$%^&!* padding or something on the bleachers?? Just a thought!